This page is designated as the about-us page of the website. It focuses on the following topics aim, mission, vision, and the author.

Aim from about-us

The website aims to encourage everyone who can reach this website. It should be understood that magic will happen to people’s life when people focus on their health. The website will aim to help people by gaining information regarding different factors. These factors include what will affect health in the long term so that people can avoid them. Moreover, the website offers additional tips, DIYs, and meal planning. The website also gives information about different diseases and medicine reviews. There is a separate category for workout plans, yoga tips, and first aid tips. So that people around the globe can feel the power of good health in the day to day life.

Mission from about-us

Pharmakon Society focuses on people having trouble with their health. The website helps people to gain useful information. So that they can implement good habits regarding their health in their day-to-day life, and also experience the magic and change in their life. Pharmakon Society helps in busting different myths from human minds and society. So that people can freely discuss their problems and get rid of them.


Pharmakon Society’s short-term vision focuses on day-to-day habit build-up. It gives information to improve health. However, our long-term vision focuses on people’s health for a long period. And also free from diseases with good consistent habits. Staying consistent is the crucial element in reaching success. Eating healthy food, avoiding fast food, maintaining vitamins & minerals, and doing proper exercise & meditation is good. But it will only show the result if this all is in a consistent manner not just for a week but for a lifetime. Therefore this is our vision to teach healthy habits for healthy living and also focus on building consistent habits.

Everyone staying happy and healthy is our central vision.

About Author

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Shubham Garg is an accomplished Pharmacist. A person who is obsessed with learning new things. He also loves to teach students, teachers, and educators about them. You can contact the author on the contact us page.